NAMBI-KAI's values are deeply rooted in the creative vision of its founder, Delshia, who is committed to preserving traditional crafts and employing sustainable practices. Delshia's passion for Kalamkari led her to start an independent unit in Chennai and create a unique brand that not only offers natural and sustainable products but also empowers traditional artisans. Through NAMBI-KAI, Delshia inspires designers to explore and preserve rich traditional crafts while promoting sustainable fashion practices.

Craftsmanship often evolves through mechanisation or scalability, but at NAMBI-KAI, we focus on the evolution of motifs and styles expressed through our craft. Nature is our inspiration, and we find it's patterns endlessly fascinating. Our aim is to capture the organic and free spirit of nature in our clothing and to achieve this, we needed to introduce the fluidity of art into our design.

At NAMBI-KAI, we don't provide our craftspeople with templates to reproduce; instead, we encourage them to practice freehand drawing and painting on the fabric. Every garment we create is unique and crafted with care. We also embrace the concept that nature allows space for imperfection and progresses towards perfection.

We value the gentle and organic flaws that define craft and art, and celebrate these little imperfections, allowing nature to work its magic on the fabric. By embracing this principle, we have achieved results that we could never have imagined.

Our mission is to preserve the essence of ancient crafts while incorporating modern designs and styles.

Our goal is to offer sustainable and one-of-a-kind clothing that not only tells a story but also provides our customers with the ultimate comfort.