How to cherish our garment

How to cherish our garment

Why shy away from natural dyes when you can flaunt them effortlessly. Is the aftercare bothering you? Let me assure you that with a few things in mind you are good to go. 

Dyes fade gradually but you can always endure them. Do follow these methods to wash and store our garments.

Washing without lashing

The first lesson for the perfect care is to not be hard on the fabric. Your go-to detergent must be something that is gentle and pH neutral. Stay away from strong detergents as increase in pH both acidic and bases can interact with the dye and change the colour of your fabric. This method can be used as a technique only if you want to experiment with the fabric or to create patterns to tackle and camouflage adamant stains.

Try using powdered detergents to soap because soaps can be strong on fabrics. Dilution is the key so dissolve the powder or liquid detergent in water then dip your clothes. Also prefer dipping clothes than soaking them so that the colour can be retained for the longest time. 

Note: It is essential to wash the dark and light-coloured dyes separately. In this case, there is always the possibility for the dyes to transfer from one garment to another. So, take a wise decision before you make a false move.

Also, bleach is a No-no. Bleaching can extract the dyes from your garment


The guide to dry like a pro 

Remember that sunlight can harm dyes. It is known that they can fade dyes and change the texture of fabrics. Always dry your dyed garments in shade.

Tip: It is best to wash these clothes as little as possible. If you use these garments for a brief time, it is advisable to just dry them.  Over washing can affect the original colour instead air clothes to remove sweat. 

Stains are clothes best friend. How to keep them apart?

Clothes are often prone to stains from food material and other kinds of stain that just lie around. It is best to be careful around them but also don’t worry if the stain has already caught you.

Some stains can be really strong so check before you try to handle it yourself. Most food strains can be removed by a simple detergent wash. Do not apply the concentrated solution on the target area as it can react with the dye and wash away colour. Always do a regular wash with a little diluted attention to the target spot.

Natural dyes are often closet clothes. Let the term not scare you but always try to keep them away from sunlight. Avoid hanging the clothes near a window where the possibility of direct sunlight is evident. The best option is to pamper them in your almirah or wardrobe which also reduces the possibility of dust particles and stains. These are little tips that will be useful for the longer run.

Some initiatives can often feel invisible. The choice of picking up sustainable clothes may seem foolish in a world of fast moving and easily accessible fashion but by making a wise choice you are making a difference.

Happy flaunting!!!

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