You need not wash the garment after every use. Air drying naturally will remove the surface dirt and freshen the fabric.


Hold the spot under running cold water immediately. Gently rub it with your fingers. Later, wash the garment as directed below, if necessary.


It is recommended to wash the garment only after a few uses. 

Use a mild detergent with a neutral pH (around 7).

Dip the garment in and out of a bowl with cold water with a minimal amount of the detergent already dissolved in it. The garment should not come in direct contact with the detergent.

Rinse the garment until the tepid water runs clear free of detergent.

MACHINE WASH (Not recommended)

Select the gentlest washing option, maintain a temperature of 30֯C to 35֯C. Wash the garments inside out. 

Strictly do not use any heavy-duty detergents or bleach.


Gently squeeze the excess water out. Do not wring dry.

Hang dry naturally in shade, inside out. 

Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Use wooden or plastic clips only.


Iron with low to medium heat in the heat setting option

Turn the fabric inside out while ironing 

Preferable to cover the garment with a fine cotton cloth while ironing.


Store away from direct light.

Fold the garment inside out. 

Always store it enveloped individually in the fabric bag provided.


Perspiration may appear to lighten the colour, but it is only temporary. Make sure to air dry the garment in shade after every use.

Plant dyes can easily be bleached by harsh soaps, detergents, perfumes and deodorants. 

Acidic foods can harm the dye if spilled. Strong basic chemicals are equally harmful.

The garment must not come into contact with metals such as iron, copper etc. especially when wet.